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 Jews, Marranos & Anusim - Jews forced to convert to Christianity
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Rabbi Chaim Dalfin

Join him for

SALT for the Soul

A spiritual and mystical tour of Israel

For a brochure go to

Or call 646-261-5610


The Jewish Community On Line  .....  Lots of information about the Jewish Community at large.





Meet up in cities all over the world to discuss Jewish Religion, relationships, recipes and holidays.


Connecting Jewish Singles Online 

Connecting Jewish Singles Online.


Partners in Torah

One on one study Call 1-800-STUDY-42 or visit 


For answers to questions about the differences between Christianity and Judaism, please contact Rabbi Stuart Federow at . Visit 


Rabbi Marc D. Israel
Director of Congregational Relations
Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism
2027 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington DC 20036

Rabbi Marc Israel was ordained by Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion in 1998. He has worked for the Union of American Hebrew Congregations in a variety of capacities, and is currently serving as Director of Kesher and the UAHC College Education Department. Rabbi Israel has taught Intro to Judaism courses on a number of occasions. Rabbi Israel lives in Washington, D.C. with his wife and daughter.
(202) 387-2800(p)
(202) 667-9070

Rabbi Peter E. Tarlow
Director of Texas A&M Hillel
Rabbi Tarlow served as a rabbi in Massachusetts, New Jersey, Sao Paulo, Brazil and Santiago, Chile

EL Rabino Peter E, Tarlo, director de la casa de Hillel de la Universedad de Taxas A&M, estα dispuesto a
ayudar a los universitarios enterarse del judaismo.  Antes de su llegada, servνa comunidades en los EE.UU,
en el Brasil y en Santiago de Chile.
Office (979) 696-7313

Rabbi Jason Miller, Assistant Director
University of Michigan Hillel Foundation
1429 Hill Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Rabbi works with individuals wishing to convert to Judaism as well as those who are interdating, or the product of intermarriage. One need not be affiliated with the University of Michigan

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 The Conversion Process

    1. Read
    2. Incorporate Jewish practice into your life
    3. Take a course
    4. Ask questions
    5. Know the difference between denominations (Reform, Orthodox and Conservative)
    6. Talk to a Rabbi

Conversion process:
•  Questions (the Bet Din)
•  Mikvah (Immersion in water)
 •  Circumcision for men (Brit Mila).  

Usually a ceremony in the shul follows and a certificate of conversion is given.

Read ACCESSIBLE JUDAISM: A CONCISE GUIDE by Rabbi Jacques Cukierkorn for a very readable introduction to Judaism and conversion. Rabbi Cukierkorn is a Reform Rabbi who speaks Spanish and Portuguese, and travels the world performing conversions. There is an article about him in the Jewish News Weekly of Northern California on June 4, 2004, p.18.  Read it here

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 Crypto Jews, Marranos, Anusim - Sephardic Jews forced to convert to Christianity, but who continued to practice Judaism in secret.  There is help in the Community for those wishing to join or rejoin.

JEWISHMATCHESPANOL, Donde los latinos conquistan y se dejan conquistar .

 6 pasos hacia el process de conversion al judaismo

1. Leer
2. Tomar un curso de Introduccion al judaismo
3. Incorporar practicas judias en la vida diaria
4.Hacer preguntas
5. Enterarse sobre las diferentes corrientes que componen el judaismo (Ortodoxia, Conservativismo y Reformismo)
6. Hablar con un rabino que haga conversiones

El processo de conversion al judaismo:

1. Bet Din - Preguntas del tribunal rabinico
2. Mikvah - immersion en un bano ritual
3. Brit Mila - circunsicion (en el caso de los hombres)
4. Ceremonia en la sinagoga con el pasar dela Torah
5. Certificado de conversion - registrado en algun organo nacional o internacional

Para mas informaccion sobre el precesso de conversion contacte al Rabino Jacques Cukierkorn - o por el telefono (913) 485 7809

Gloria Golden provides a wonderful photographic exhibit of Crypto Jews in the Southwest. She can be emailed at

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International Conversions

At this time, interest in conversion worldwide is growing, but there are few resources. All of that is changing and we hope to continue to add to the list of Rabbis and institutions willing to help. This list has been compiled from emails sent to the website and we cannot always vouch for its accuracy. We would appreciate additional information from our visitors.

The European Associations for Jewish Studies publishes a ''Directory of Jewish Studies in Europe" and you can find information at

SHLACH AMEE an organization which will help lost Jews to return to the fold by using documental proof that someone is Jewish thus avoiding conversion. Jewish genealogists(, Chabad Rabbis such as Rabbi Chaim Mentz (spiritual leader of Chabad of Bel Air Congregation in Los Angeles) and an Orthodox Beit Din could help many once again become part of the Jewish Community. See article "Beit Din ruling on Jewish genealogy could help many trace their heritage."


Shema Yisrael Network at openly invite people to seek a conversion. The Network seeks to help those in Europe where conversion is difficult.


Beth Din of Los Angeles
c/o Rabbi David Rue
1462 S. Wooster #4
Los Angeles, CA 90035
310 657 7438
This Orthodox Beth Din serves over 50 Jewish Communities from El Paso, Texas to Hong Kong and from Canada to Mexico.

Congregation Shir Hatzafon
Copenhagen Reform
Telephone:+45 23 70 97 57
An associate member of the World Union for Progressive Judaism, the synagogue has initiated the first Progressive conversion in the Nordic countries under the guidance of Rabbi Charles Middleburgh of England.



Rabbi Rodney Mariner-Bet Din convener for Europe under the auspices of the Reform Movement -
London-Sylvia Morris 44-20349-3779, European

The Reform Synagogues of Great Britain, the Steinberg Center
80 East End Rd
London,NS 2SY


For Orthodox Conversions
Contact Mr.D.Frei
London Beth Din
735 High Road, London N12 OUS
Tel 020 8343 6270
Fax 020 834 36257

Congregation Adath Shalom
8 Rue George Bernard Shaw
75015 Paris
Phone number
Rabbi Pauline Bebe at Rabbin Tom Cohen, Kehilat Gesher, la Communite juive franco - Anglophone. 10 Rue de Pologne 78100 St. Germaine-en-Laye Paris tele =33 01 39 21 97 19

Rivon Krygier

Adath Shalom (Masorti) Congregation

8 Rue George Bernard Shaw

Paris 75015





Judische Gemeinde
Telephone 0961-32794
Rabbi Gesa Shira Ederberg, Conservative

Also try The Central Council of Jews in Germany


ITIM Rabbi Seth Farber - The Jewish Life Information Center

The Institute for Jewish Studies,
WUJS Institute(
25 Yoshiyahu Street
Arad 89022 Israel
T 972-8-9955370

World Union for Progressive Judaism
13 King David Street
Jerusalem, 94101
ph 972-2-620 3447
f 972-2-620 3446

Giyur Website

Kibbutz Yavne - an Orthodox kibbutz for those with a Jewish ancestry

Machon Meir in Jerusalem, a Zionist Yeshiva for those with limited Jewish background, 2 HaMeiri Avenue, Jerusalem, 91340, Israel, 972-2-653-7925

Conversion in Israel for women Midreshet Beerot Bat Ayin at

The Absorption Ministry Website

CONVERT TO CONVERT offers counseling, psychological support, information and lobbying efforts on behave of English speaking converts.
Sharona Rubin
Shemoni 1
02 5631470
0526 280882




Rabbi Michael Schudrich, Rabbi for Warsaw and Lodz
Rabbi Yossel Kanofsky and Rabbi Sacha Pecaric, try the Ronald Lauder Foundation

The European Council of Jewish Communities




Rabbi Alexander Dukhovny

Chief Rabbi of Kiev and Ukraine of the Progressive Jewish Congregations

10-v, Pyroggova str., Kyiv-30, 01030, Ukraine 

Tel./Fax:/380/44/531-9131, 531-9197 (98)





Professor Roberto Jona
tele(39) 011 670 8661
fax (39) 011 670 8658

Sicily, Milan, Calabria, Palerno, Messina
Rabbi Barbara Aiello, Synagoga Lev Chadash in Milan

Crypto Jewish Professor
Paulo Valadares
CX, Postal N.102
Campinas, S.P. Brazil

Recife and Northern Brazil, contact
Ezra La'anousim-helps people return to their Jewish roots
Casa Shalom in Israel keeps archives on Crypto Jews, headed by Gloria Mound
The Shaveie Israel Center for B'nai Anousim in Recife
Shavei Israel,, offers CD on Basic Judaism


Rabbi Mordejai Levin
Seminario Rabinico Latinamerica Marshall Meyer
Jose Hernandez 1750
1426 Buenos Aires, Argentina
(54-11) 4783-2009/4783-6175/4781-4057
Fax (54-11) 4781-4058


Rabbi Kraselnik at


• GUATEMALA (Costa Rica, Hondorus, Gutemala, El Salvator, Panama and Colombia)

Beit HaMadrij - organization which helps those with Jewish ancestry



Luis Perez Hernandez at
Soledad de Graciano Sanchez
San Luis Potosi S.L.P
78436 Mexico

Reuben Tellez
Col. Venta Prieta CP 42080
Tele: 52(771)713 4992

David Gonzales, President
Templo Negev
Benito Juarez 412
Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico
Synagogue Tel: 52 (771) 711 3494
Personal tel: 52 (771) 711 5125

Rabbi Miranda Nadel of San Miguel de Allende
Area codes in Mexico have changed so please check.

TRIBUNA ISRAELITA - a website maintained by the Central Committee of the Jewish Community in Mexico.

Amichai Heppner at HeppnerShanaMax for help in Mexican conversions

Academic Journals
Halapid, Published quarterly by the Society for Crypto Judaic Studies. The SCJS fosters research and networking of information into the history and contemporary development of Crypto Jews of Iberian origins. Membership $20 per year and includes Halapid.
The Society for Crypto Judaic Studies
333 Washington Blvd. # 336
Marina Del Rey, Ca 90292

Miranda and Eli Nadel
Miranda's Bed and Breakfast
Umaran 122
San Miguel Allende, Gto 37700, Mexico
U.S. mail drop:
521 Logan Avenue
PMB 54-A
Laredo, TX 78040-6633
Phone 011 52 (415) 152 2659
Leaders of the Jewish Community of San Miguel and affiliated with Jewish Renewal

Jewish Leadership
Comite Central de la Communidad Judia de Mexico
Ing. Mauricio Lulka, Director General
Alfredo Zonana, President
Comite Central de la Comunidad Judia de Mexico
Cofre de Perote No 115
Colonia Lomas Barrilaco
Mexico, DF,CP 11010
tele. 011 52 (5) 520 9393
Fax 011 52 (5) 540 3050

Mexico City
Congregacion Israelita Mexicana del Kahal Kadosh Bene Elohim, AC

Dr. Benjamin Laureano Luna

Adah Laureano

David Gonzalez
Temple Negev
Benito Juarez 412

Abraham Jacob Tellez Cruz
Pachuca, Hildgo, Mexico

Sefardic Chavurah
Allende 111
Col Venta Prieta, CP 42080
Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico
52(771)713 0445

Kehila Beth Shmuel Lerer

Daniel Elias Munoz Jimenez
Horacio Diaz 410
Col. Zaragoza C.P. 91910
52(229)937 885

Puebla Chavurah
912 325 6796
Ignacio Castelan, Spiritual leader

Prof.  Felipe Nissan Rosas Tostado
Calle Leona Vicario 3484, Zona Centro
Saltillo, Coahuila

Dr. Arturo Rodriquez
Francisco Villa 40 Ote
Culciacan, Sinaloa CP 8000

Carlos S. Salas Diaz
Congregation Hebrea de Baja California
Amado Nervo Street 2007
Fracc. Montebello
La Mesa
Tijuana, BC Mexico
P.O.Box 432287
San Ysidoro, California 92073
fax and phone 011 52 664 681 4952


City of Palms, Tarapoto
Contact Shavei Israel at

• BRAZIL (Pernambuco)
contact Fabio at

Rabbi Henry Sobel, Congregacao Israelta Paulista


For Reform conversions contact Rabbi Sharon Sobel, Executive Director for Reform Judaism and ARZA Canada
3845 Bathurst Street, Suite 301
Toronto, Ontario M3H 3N2
Tel: 416 630 0375
Fax:416 630 5089


For Conservative conversions contact
Rabbi Barry Leff,
    9711 Geal Road
    Richmond, BCV7E
    Tel:604 271 6262
    Fax:604 271 6270
Rabbi Roy D. Tannenbaum
    1700 Bathurst Street
    Toronto, Ontario MSP 3k3
    Tel: 416 781 3514x19
For Orthodox conversions contact
Rabbi Reuven Tradburk
    Sec of Vaad Harabonem of Toronto
    2640 Bayview Avenue
    Toronto, Ontario M2L 1B7
    Tel: 416 229 2600
    Fax: 416 781 0150 Lists more Rabbis in Canada and Israel


The following is a list of American Rabbis willing to help with foreign conversions:

Rabbi Leo Abrami - French speaking,
Rabbi Jacques Cukierkorn - Spanish speaking,
Rabbi Celso Cukierkorn - Spanish & Portuguese speaking -
Rabbi Worch -
Rabbi Sol Agin at Arline -
The Gerus Support Forum Page,, for worldwide Orthodox conversions
The Jewish Appleseed Foundation, , a liberal Jewish Outreach which answers questions about conversions around the world. 

Shema Yisroel Torah Network, For worldwide Orthodox conversions.




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Reform movement offers Introduction to Judaism and other entry programs. Visit for listings around the country.


The California University of Judaism
15600 Mulholland Drive, L.A., California 91356
PH 310 440-1273, FAX 310 472 3827


Beth Din of Los Angeles
c/o Rabbi David Rue
1462 S. Wooster #4
Los Angeles, CA 90035
310 657 7438
This Orthodox Beth Din serves over 50 Jewish Communities from El Paso, Texas to Hong Kong and from Canada to Mexico.
Also visit
Rocky Mountain Rabbinical Council
720 941 2655


Gerim Institute
Rabbi Myron Geller
Temple Ahavat Achim
86 Middle Street
Glouchester, Ma 01930
978 281 0739

Rabbi Max Weine Institute for Judaism
248 547 7870

New York
Rabbi Rigoberto Emmanuel Vinas
Developing a bilingual non-denomination Beit Midrash for Latin American Jews in the NY. area. and PH 718 549 9061


JCC Center In Manhattan

334 Amsterdam Ave (75th-76th St) 

New York

Rabbi Carol Levithan




Workshop on conversions. Referrals to study programs and tutors and Rabbis in Metropolitan area who work with conversion candidate.

Workshops and lecture series beginning Feb. 4, 2004 "It all began with Ruth"



92nd Street Y/Derekh Torah

Outreach Program

Contact Leana Moritt Wild

92nd Street Y



Queens, NY

Rebbetzin Doris Feinstein

Warm, supportive atmosphere while preparing for Orthodoxy conversions. 


Great Neck, Long Island

Summers, Robert Irwin

Private preparation

Rites of Passage-Netivot Hayyim

Center for Jewish Life and Learning

274 Madison Ave, Suite 1106, NY, NY 10023


Fax 212-545-0715


Home 18 Chester Drive, Great Neck, NY, 11021



The Conversion to Judaism Resource Center
The Hillel Institute of Suffolk County
Covers Queens, Nassau and Suffolk County
74 Hauppauge Rd. Rm 53
Commack, Long Island 11725
PH 631 462 5826

New York and New Jersey
The Center for Conversion to Judaism
Rabbi Stephen C. Lerner
752 Stelton Street
Teaneck, New Jersey 07666
212 877 8640, 201 837 7552
Fax 201 837 8981 Covers Manhattan and Norther New Jersey 


The Morris S. Goodblatt Academy Gerim Institute
Oxford Circle Jewish Community Center-Brith Israel
1009 Unruth Avenue
Philadelphia, PA. 19111
Tele. 215 342 2400

Washington, D.C.
Rabbi Bernice Weiss
Institute for Conversion and the Study of Judaism 


Rabbi Avis Miller

Conservative synagogue

Adas Israel Congregation, Washington, D.C.

Project OPEN DOR for those with a Jewish heritage


Adat Achim Center for Converting to Judaism
The program is intended for people who are at a distance from the Jewish Community or from access to a Rabbi who may work toward conversion. Adat Achim's outreach efforts have successfully prepared and converted people from Europe, South America, Asia, Australia and the United States. Rabbi Celso Cukierkorn also runs year-round conversion programs in Miami Beach and seminars in Europe, South America, and Mexico. In the United States his seminars take place in California, New York, Miami, and Chicago.
For Information call 10 am-6 pm(EST) M-TH    1800-94 TORAH or (305) 510 8111
and visit the Center's outreach website:
To read Rabbi Celso Cukierkorn's Op Ed from the Jerusalem Post and learn a little bit more about his philosophy of Conversion to Judaism

For an Interactive Overview of his program: ( You will need Flash)


Rabbi Celso Cukierkorn's

Conversion to Judaism - International Seminars


The seminar is intended for students who have completed the Conversion to Judaism curriculum and who are able to travel to Miami for the seminar, ceremony, and Mikvah.

Interested applicants must schedule a phone interview with Rabbi Cukierkorn between the hours of 10 am - 6 pm (Central Time) Monday - Thursday.

(305) 510-8111


Due to space limitations, if for any reason, you wish to participate in this seminar, please phone as soon as possible. Each applicant will be evaluated as soon as possible. Each applicant will be evaluated on individual basis. Enrollment is limited to the number of available openings.


Adat Achim Synagogue
Subscribe to Adat Achim Synagogue Newsletter




The Union for Reform Judaism offers classes on Intro to Judaism and Taste of Judaism. Go to and press Programs for details.

WUJUS Institutes
25 Yoshiyahu Street
Arad 89022 Israel
Tel: 972 8 9955370
Fax: 972 8 9955472
email Jeffrey Moskowitz at

Kibbutz Sa"ad Conversion Site
contact Hannah Shannon 972 7 6800 231,  helps people all over the world who wish to join or rejoin the Jewish people. Current projects in Africa, Asia and Peru.

Igo Gadi Organization in Tel Aviv 

Email:  or Chief El Ike at 

972 3 6313/479

AMISHAV outreach to those believing they are descendants of the Lost Tribes. Working presently with a Tribe in India called Bene Menashe. See as well. Contact Michael Freund at

Amishav can be contacted at
Their address in Jerusalem is 3b Epstein St. 93748
Tel: 00972(0)242 606

Jews of African descent living in Israel

Hadassah W. Harr -ELL - Secretary


Hadassah W. Harr Ell

Secretary Genral

Seeata Organization

(founded by Jews of African Descent living in Israel) also,I am secretary of 

Igbo Interest World Wide 

Phone# 972-2-999-7056;cellular # 972-58-6627787 (after April 20. 2004 cellular #972-528-627787)

Email: Harr ell

Igbo Interest World Wide


Chief Ike # 972-67-438069

(After April 20, 2004, cellular # 972-547-438069)




SHAVEI ISRAEL active in India(Bene Menashe) and in Spanish speaking countries

Choosing a Rabbi is like picking a mate. Asking questions, free and honest discussions are expected.

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The following is a recommended reading list by Morgan Forrest

1. The The Complete Idiot's Guide to Understanding Judaism by Rabbi Blech
2. Choosing Judaism by Lydia Kukoff
3. Questions and Answers on Conversion to Judaism by Lawrence J. Epstein
4. Living a Jewish Life by Anita Daimant
5. Liberal Judaism at Home
6. To Life! by Harold Kushner
7. How Good Do We Have To Be? by Harold Kushner
8. When All You've Ever Wanted Isn't Enough by Harold Kushner
9. Who Needs God by Harold Kushner
10. Finding a Home for the Soul
11. Being a Jew
12. The Shabbat Catalogue
13. Wrestling with Angels: What Genesis Teaches About Our Spiritual Identity, Sexuality, and Personal Relationships by Naomi Rosenblatt and Joshua Horwitz
14. To Be A Jew by Rabbi Donin
15. The Gifts of the Jews by Thomas Cahill
16. Like Bread on the Seder Plate by Rebecca Alpert
17. The Tapestry of Jewish Time by Rabbi Nina Beth Cardin
18. An introduction to Judaism by Nicholas De Lange
19. God Is a Verb by David Cooper
20. Jewish Renewal by Michael Lerner
21. Living Judaism by Rabbi Waybe Dosick
22. This Is My God by Herman Wouk
23. Spiritual Judaism by David Ariel
24. Renewing Your Soul by David Cooper
25. God Was Not in the Fire by Daniel Gordis
26. The World of Jewish Cooking
27. The Jewish Holiday Cookbook
28. The Passover Table
 (those last three because cookbooks give a brief summary of feasts, and also lots of little Insights into real Jewish life)
29. When Bad Things Happen to Good People by Harold Kushner
30. Stalking Elijah
31. Seasons for Celebration by Rabbi Karen L. Fox and Phyllis Zimbler Miller
32. Everyman's Talmud
33. Being Jewish: The Spiritual and Cultural Practice of Judaism Today by Ari L. Goldman
34. Why I am A Reform Jew
35. Choosing a Jewish Life by Anita Daimant
36. Return from Exile by Carol Matzkin Orsborn
37. Soul Prints by Rabbi Marc Gafnia
38. Kosher Light (another cookbook)
39. Dancing With God by Rabbi Wayne Doslick
40. Endless Light by David Aaron
41. Bringing Home the Light by E. M. Broner, Ph.D.
42. To Pray As a Jew by Rabbi Donin
43. The Jew in the Lotus
44. Rereading the Rabbis: A Woman's Voice by Judith Hauptman
45. Basic Judaism by Milton Steinberg
46. The Five Books of Miriam
47. Keeping Passover by Ira Steingroot
48. The Essential Kabbalah by Daniel C. Matt
49. Jewish Mysticism: An Anthology by Dan Cohn-Sherbok
50. Lovesong by Julius Lester
PRACTICAL JUDAISM by Chief Rabbi of Israel, Meir Lau
    In 400 pages the Rabbi gives his understanding of Judaism from getting up in the morning, to the mezuzah, the synagogue, keeping kosher, Shabbat, the festivals, Brit Milah, marriage and more.  Email, 24 hour phone service in Israel: 03 518 8255 and in the USA Toll Free Number 1-888-750-7021.

52. So Strange My Path: A Spiritual Pilgrimage By Abraham Carmel

53. Coming Home: A Woman's story of Conversion to Judaism by Linda Shires - Westview Press

54. This Jewish Life: Stories of Connection and Joy - Eakin Press

55. Nextbook exposes people to Jewish culture.

Tel: 646-277-2400


Morgan Forrest's Personal Top 12 Favorites:

1. The Complete ldiot's Guide to Understanding Judaism by Rabbi Blech
2. Living Judaism by Rabbi Waybe Dosick
3. Seasons for Celebration by Rabbi Karen L. Fox and Phyllis Zimbler Miller
4. Choosing a Jewish Life by Anita Daimant
5. Choosing Judaism by Lydia Kukoff
6. Living a Jewish Life by Anita Daimant
7. Questions and Answers on Conversion to Judaism by Lawrence J. Epstein
8. Being Jewish: The Spiritual and Cultural Practice of Judaism Today by
Ari L. Goldman
9. Spiritual Judaism by David Aria
10. When Bad Things Happen to Good People by Harold Kushner
11. To Life! by Harold Kushner
12. How Good Do We Have To Be? by Harold Kushner

"I would recommend EVERYONE to absolutely read books 1,2,10 and 11 at the very very least! #4, 5,6, and 7 were written specifically with converts in mind and are very easy reading. #3,8, and 9 give more Information on some of the basics to daily Jewish life and celebration. #10,11 and 12 are good books looking at some of the most basic questions of life and I love Harold Kushner!" - Morgan Forrest.

ALL ABOUT JUDAISM - Three great Jewish reference works on one CD-ROM
The Dictionary of Jewish Biography, The Encyclopedia of Judaism, The Jewish Primer. This is one of the best introductions to the tenets of traditional Judaism.
Email: or visit
24 hour phone service in Israel: 03 518 8255 and in U.S. 1 888 750 7021: In Canada 1 877 380 9511.

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