To balance the horror and sadness of anti-Semitism, the Jews created their own repertoire of Jewish humor.  Sid Caesar, Carl Reiner, Milton Berle, Billy Crystal, Mel Brooks, Jerry Seinfeld, and Roseanne Barr are but a few of the memorable names who have given both Jew and Gentile a chuckle.

Jackie Mason is a comedian worth highlighting.  First of all, he began his career as a Rabbi and second of all, he captures the differences between Jew and Gentile in a good natured way.  His routine about the different approach  of a Jew and Gentile upon entering a restaurant is classic. Several websites deal with his humor and one,, offers the VHS of "An Equal Opportunity Offender" which features excerpts from his no-holds barred stand up routine.  

Two movies which are offered as examples of Jewish humor are Mel Brook's "BLAZING SADDLES" and "THE FRISCO KID" with Gene Wilder. Mel Brook's "BLAZING SADDLES" is a good movie for yiddishisms and Jewish humor. As is "THE FRISCO KID" in which a Rabbi and fugitive meet along the westward trail and journey together to San  Francisco. We hope to hear from visitors to our web page about their personal favorites.

A visit to HUMOR KOSHER STYLE will lift your spirits and provide insight into the whole topic of Jewish Humor.

Mishmash Jewish Humor at is a website full of Jewish jokes on just about every topic imaginable.

The website, Jewish Humor Recommendations, provides the names of Books, CDs, and Videos about Jewish humor and Jewish Comedians. Most are priced from $10-$20. Libraries may provide some items free of charge.

We are also recommending a book to be published in October 2001 by Dr. Lawrence Epstein  titled "The Haunted Smile: The History of Jewish Comedians in America" (Publisher is PublicAffairs). Dr. Epstein is the creator of, one of the first web sites designed to help converts and has worked extensively in Outreach to Jews by Choice.

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