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     Kabbalah means "That which is received". It is the general term for Jewish Mysticism. The most important books are the Zohar, meaning brilliance or splendor, the Sefer Ha-Bahir (The Book of Illumination) and the Sefer Hayitzirah, The Book of Formation. Kabbalah was not to be taught to anyone younger than forty years of age and for good reason--These concepts are difficult and require much learning and maturity.

Books on Kabbalah

   It's a fascinating subject, and there are now many books on Kabbalah. Here are 60 books on Kabbalah to get you started - well, actually 59 books on Kabbalah, and one magazine on Kabbalah. These books range from scholarly studies of historical sources to how-to books on using Kabballistic principles in your life.



Rabbi Chaim Dalfin

Author of Demystifying the Mystical

Chaim Dalfin received Rabbinical ordination from Central Yeshiva Tomche Temimim Lubavitch in Brooklyn, NY. He received his Bachelor of Religous Studies degree from the Rabbincal College of America in Morristown, NJ. The Rabbi is currently director of the Jewish Enrichment Center. He is the author of Your Better Self (1994), a book on the Chassidic approach to self-improvement. Rabbi Dalfin lectures nationwide and is a practicing counselor as well.

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Rabbi Yehuda Berg

Author of 72 Names of G-d: Technology for the Soul

    "The Forward" recently named the Rabbi as one of 50 prominent figures in the Jewish community. The following is a description as to why he deserves the honor.

Many Rabbis teach classes and even publish books, but few produce pop favorites and only one, Rabbi Yehuda Berg, can claim to be Madonna's spiritual guru. A scion of the Rabbinic dynasty behind the a Kabbalah Centre, Berg this year released his own spiritual tome, "The 72 Names of G-d": Technology for the Soul" (Kabbalah Publishing). Devotees say the centre has transformed them into kinder, more spiritual people through a steady diet of Jewish mystical teachings; critics claim the center, which now has 50 branches worldwide, is a cult. What's indisputable is that with a loyal cadre of Hollywood celebrities, including the queen diva of pop, Berg and the Kabbalah Center are well positioned to become a part of Judaism's public face in the decades to come.

The Rabbi runs the Kabbalah centre

 www.Kabbalah.com -lists the locations in the US and internationally with the largest in NY and L.A.



Additional Resource

Learn Kabbalah in Hebrew




Safed (Safad, Zefat, Tzfat)


    Located in Northern Israel. Spiritual center of the Jewish world where Kabbalah reached the peak of its influence. Kabballists Rabbi Yitzchok Luria, Rabbi Shlomo Alkavetz and Rabbi Yosef Caro made the city famous.