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Jewish newspapers and magazines play a significant role in the Jewish Community.  Because we are a small percentage of the population, the voice and vote of each individual becomes increasingly important.  Subscribing to Jewish publications keeps us informed, binds us together and contributes to the economic health of The Community.

For a list of Jewish newspapers go to American Jewish Press Association's site and press on Member Directory.  The Directory includes virtually every Jewish newspaper in the country.   Judaism and Jewish Resources provides a list of Jewish resources having to do with News and Media.

Moment Magazine, deserves special attention.  The magazine has always included articles about conversion even before the topic became comfortable in the Jewish Community.  The magazine describes itself as " A Conversation on Jewish culture, politics and religion."

Additional suggestions are The FORWARD, a newspaper founded on April 22, 1897 and printed in English, Russian and Yiddish.  The Jerusalem Report - The Magazine covers events in Israel, The Middle East and The Jewish World.

Jewish Woman is the leading lifestyle publication for informed, enlightened Jewish women. Every issue profiles extraordinary members of our community—honoring them and the values that shape their personal and professional lives. Visit the award-winning Web portal,, for access to interactive features, the special members-only section and the virtual community of Jewish Woman’s 75,000 readers.

Torah Tropical Jewish/Spanish newspaper 

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