It is important to get involved in organizational Jewish life, not only because it is a learning experience, but because it puts you in touch with other Jews with similar interests.

The Jewish Community is comprised of organizations which cater to every need, event and interest.  Judaism Jews Judaica Portal profiles over 3,500 Jewish organizations. United Jewish Communities is the web page for UJA Federation, the umbrella charitable organization that raises funds for local federations, Jewish organizations worldwide and the Jewish agency for Israel.  Information about Hillel and Jewish student organizations on U.S. college and university campuses can be found at The following are some organizations which might be especially relevant: - An organization which reaches out to marginally Jewish Communities who wish to (re)join the Jewish people.  If you are interested in history, geography, genetics, archaeology or anthropology you'll love this organization.  The newsletter will transport you to the most unexpected areas of the world in search of lost Jewish Communities. The Organization undertakes a variety of activities on behave of these dispersed groups, including research, contacts, education and conversion when requested and relocation to Israel if desired.  Every now and then one of their member Rabbis will organize a trip to visit a burgeoning, rediscovered Jewish Community.

THE NATIONAL CENTER TO ENCOURAGE JUDAISM - a nonprofit foundation which invites synagogues and other Jewish institutions to be a light unto the nations and reach out and encourage all to be Jewish.  The Foundation is under the direction of Ash Gerecht who can be reached at NCEJUDAISM@AOL.COM.  The newsletter, THE JEWISH PROCLAIMER was issued three times in the year 2000.  The Center's address is Box 651, Silver Spring, MD 20918, (301) 593-2319, fax (301) 593-2249.  Jews for Judaism - During the summer months, Hebrew Christian organizations send their volunteers to populated Jewish area to try to convert Jews.  The summer of 2001, testimonies of Holocaust survivors are being used to deceive the unsuspecting, often illiterate Jew into joining these Hebrew Christian groups.  Jews for Judaism is waging a counter attack and is in need of volunteers. You might want to help out.

THE WORLD JEWISH PEACE CORPS - a new global program offering the opportunity to volunteer with other young Jewish adults from Israel and around the world.

The Outreach Fellows Program for Conversion Cerification run by the Reform Movement ( trains people to work with individuals in the process of conversion. Participants must be a member of UAHC and be recommended by his/her rabbi.

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