This book list was compiled with the help of members of Gereitzedek, a chat group for Jews by Choice.

Gereitzedek is a support group for those who are in the process , thinking of , or already converted to Judaism, and have a spouse, or significant other, that is less than enthusiastic. I have found this to be quite common, and the need for a support group very strong. If you are someone who feels you have had to shut down your study,and practice of Judaism because of alienating a spouse, this is the group for you. Note- the focus of the group is about working for peace in the house, and still acknowledging the person's aim to be a Jew. This is for men and women, and about repairing, healing, and honoring the partner's needs as well as one's own. This can be a difficult thing to do, and this support group can work to provide ideas on how to achieve this goal and still have Peace in the House.