1. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum,  This visit is a MUST.  The museum also offers courses on the Holocaust.
2. Children-of-Ruth and ChoosersJudaismEurope-contact Esther at - chat groups for JBC.
3. JBCNET run by Michelle Gollands a JBC and psychologist who helps with sensitive problems which occur with conversion.  Feel free to contact Michelle at
4. The Jewish Multiracial Network-
5. Family Tree DNA-traces ancient family links with modern science,
6. Genetic
7. Hadassah-will say Kaddish for a $1,000 donation-877 212 3321,
8. Center for Jewish
9. Hispanic Crypto-Jewish Reource Center-
10. Halapid - organization for Crypto Jews
11. A prayer request for the sick at
12. Learn Torah Chants-CD called Kol Kore-
13. - Jewish Internet websites.
14. Jewish-Africana online discussion,
15. HaMadrich, the first non Orthodox guide to Judaism in Spanish. Contact Rabbi Jacques Cukierkorn at
16. Websites which help in choosing a synagogue, offers Reform synagogues across North America and informs some Reform synagogues of a newcomer's impending arrival.
17. Florence Melton Adult Mini-School Institute, , a two year course designed to give participants a much richer appreciation of how to function in Jewish life, and derive a greater sense of meaning and purpose in rituals, prayers, ceremonies and communal activities.
18. Rabbi Capers Funnye
      W: 773-538-0059
      H: 773-881-3622
      B'nai Zakken beth Shalom Ethiopian Hebrew congregation
      8937 Houston Ave.
      Chicago IL 60617
19. Olam Katan is devoted to discussions about Jewish life in rural areas, small Jewish Communities and small congregations.  Contact Rabbi Steve Forstein at rebsteve or Dr. Steve Silvern at
20. Torah study visit or email, 410 602 1350 .
21. JewishMatchEspanol at

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