1. Read

2. Incorporate Jewish practice into your life

3. Take a course

4. Ask questions

5. Know the difference between denominations (Reform, Orthodox and Conservative)
6. Talk to a Rabbi



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6 pasos hacia el process de conversion al judaismo

1. Leer

2. Tomar un curso de Introduccion al judaismo

3. Incorporar practicas judias en la vida diaria

4.Hacer preguntas

5. Enterarse sobre las diferentes corrientes que componen el judaismo (Ortodoxia, Conservativismo y Reformismo)

6. Hablar con un rabino que haga conversiones

El processo de conversion al judaismo

''This web site is designed to direct, support and nurture those who wish to join the Jewish Community and to let you know how much we appreciate the extraordinary journey you have embarked upon.


Most of the information provided is for the "Jew by Choice" after  the conversion is completed, but BEGINNINGS is designed to help those still seeking information about the process. The Beit Din signals the end of one process, but heralds the beginning of another ... the start of a life long process of becoming a Jew through the acculturation of food, music, humor, language and appreciation of the state of Israel.  This web site provides a resource to the "Jew by Choice" by making information accessible about the 3,000 years of history and culture unique to the Jewish people."

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